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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 14, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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cold morning. not as cold as sunday. but temperatures held up a little bit. four people killed. 11 others wounded in oakland over the past weekend be one official calling for drastic action. man is being treated for burns after a fire breaks out insidehis berkeley apartment. we're live in santa clara just one of cities in the bay area bracing for the flu. we'll tell you just how bad the situation is here.
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good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning january 14th i'm pam cook >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. let's go to steve. you say it could be worse. >> yesterday was worse. >> you say it's warmer. >> it's still cold but sunday was colder. we have a little breeze here holding some temps up. 39 san francisco. was 45 about an hour ago. the wind tailed off. still upper 20s. a lot more 30s than we saw yesterday at this time. 40s to mid 50s on the high. if you are driving on 80 westbound you can see traffic is moving along all right. it's getting a little more crowded. some of the lanes are already getting filled up. this morning in san francisco northbound 101 traffic still getting top the speed limit. let's go back to the desk. overnight fire in berkeley injured a man it happened
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inside an apartment at a complex at the corner of acton street and bancroft about midnight. alex savidge is right there. what happened? >> reporter: the man that suffered the minor burns is actually the landlord of this five unit apartment complex. the flames broke out inside his unit which is the frontout where we are standing. you can see here firefighters had to pull quite a bit of charred debris outside of his place this morning as they were battling the flames. captain told ktvu this fire was burning through the attic mostly. the call came in after midnight. berkeley fire crews responded to hack ton street. when firefighters got here they found a man that had been hurt trying to put out the flames inside the apartment using a hose. as fire burned through this place neighbors heard him screaming for help. he was transported to the
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hospital. >> there was smoke coming out of the attic. there was one person transported to the hospital with minor burns and smoke inhalation. >> reporter: the captain told ktvu this fire doesn't appear to be suspicious but there will be a full investigation to figure out how it started. a neighbor out here says the man that was hurt in the fire has lived here in this apartment for decades. but because of the heavy damage to his place, he'll have to find another place to live this morning. meantime the fire was contained to this unit. they had to turn off the power here at this complex for some time. live this morning in berkeley alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:03. one oakland city leader calling for a state of emergency after yet another violent weekend in the city. four people were killed. 11 others were wounded just since friday. the most recent shooting happened last night on seminary
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avenue. police say five people were shot at a birthday party. all of them are expected to survive. police are blaming gangs for the surge of violence in oakland. ktvu tara moriarty has been on the story since 4:30. we'll have more about this call for a state of emergency that is coming up in our next half hour. also this morning at the white house vice president joe biden continues his gun violence meetings. this time hearing from members of congress. tomorrow the vice president will give president obama his recommendations for new gun control policies. coming up the national rifle association predicts how congress would vote on an assault weapons ban. it was a busy weekend at bay area hospitals with people reporting flu like symptoms. >> reporter: people are encouraged to get a flu shot.
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here at kizer santa clara it was very busy with people in the emergency room being treated for flu and respiratory virus. to the rest of the country has been hit hard. the latest state to declare a public -- valley medical center is not reporting an uptake of cases yesterday yet. but doctors are urging people not to be complacent. we asked people this morning if they had gotten the vaccine. >> i had my concern. i had a flu shot last year. and -- one and only time i did have it, it was pretty bad.
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>> health experts expect more people to come down with fever aches and sore throats and cough in the next month. now besides getting a flu vaccine something else that is very important to do is always wash your hands and i just got off the phone with a walgreens pharmacy. they mentioned two of their other locations in san jose are out as well. they are not expecting new shipments to come in until this wednesday. reporting live janine de la vega. also this morning nurses are kicking off a two-day strike at santa rosa memorial hospital. replacement nurses have been hired on a four-day contract. striking nurses could be locked out until the 18th. the urgent care center in windsor will be temporarily closed today and tomorrow.
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instead patients will be treated at santa rosa. which exempts the bay bridge and golden gate bridge. preliminary recommendations could come in the next few weeks. more people are riding bart and it's a lot more passengers than bart expected. bart expected a 2% increase. however the economic recovery and higher gas prices saw ridership jump almost 6%. that means riders are standing for a half hour or more. many bart platforms are crowded. that could make some commuters rethink their options. coming up at 6:45 ktvu brian
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flores. meantime san francisco transit agency paid a lot of overtime in the past fiscal year. san francisco chronicle reports one muni mechanic earned an extra $163,000 for close to 40 hours of overtime. two of the cities top overtime wage earners work from muni. they have a mechanic shortage. he also added much of the work needed to be done on weekends and during the night. 6:07 is the time. let's check back in with sal for a look at the commute and starting to get busy at the toll plaza. >> it is starting to get busy. and we're seeing some of the lanes get full. pretty soon they will turn the metering lights on. and right here westbound you can see only the middle lanes which are the fast track users are getting by with a little bit less delay.
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there will still be some waiting for you. in the next few minutes metering lights should come on. you still might want to get there sooner rather than later before it backs up to the maze. if you're driving on interstate 880 the traffic here looks pretty good. no major problems driving through. although it's getting more crowded southbound on interstate 880. we're looking at the peninsula i have that circle i've drawn. i drew it early this morning. there is black ice reported on highway 92 right near skyline. watch for it. we haven't had any major problem there is. i want to let you know it's aware it's there. it's kind of cold out there. let's go to steve. it is kind of cold out there. especially by the coast. nancy 31. i've seen upper 20s. there is cold numbers. inland there is big
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temperatures in tempts. not far away. you find even colder temps than this. half-moon airport 35 degrees. city is 39 now. san jose 33 but not far away. i've seen supper 20s. santa clara 29. it will be sunny today once we get cranked up. there is a lot of cold air in place. it will probably be here through midweek. i think tomorrow morning we'll dip even colder. we'll lose a lot of that breeze. that's the only thing that is saving us. at the same time that is a beneficial breeze east or north with some near the coast. after a cold morning inland temps will really struggle. upper 40s. some with a north wind or oakland with an offshore breeze can get to the mid 50s. it's going o be a cool day. it will be sunny for awhile. the air mass is extremely dry. afternoon temps will begin to
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warm up. low 60s. it looks very quiet. >> thank you, steve. it looks like lance armstrong will make a shocking revelation in an interview today. what his possible confession to doping could mean to his career. also how san francisco schools are preparing for a real life emergency after the tragedy in kick. connecticut. gas prices creeping back up again. the bay area city that has seen the biggest jump.
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happening right now we are looking in at conference going on. baltimore maryland we are more than 20 experts are going to speak at a summit about reducing gun violence in the united states. a hot topic right now. we're looking live at this. new york mayor will be giving a key address. democrats in the white house and in congress are working closely with his advocacy group mayors against ill reel guns to enact his gun control agenda. later this morning joe biden will meet with local members of congress about gun control as jacqueline fell reports the vice president is expected to give president obama a set of recommendations to curb give up violence. >> reporter: napa congressman mike thompson and jackie spear are leading that new congressional task force that
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is scheduled to meet with the vice president in a few hour here at the white house. now the congressional gun violence task force is expected to hold meetings and hearing this month to try to find the best policy to control gun violence. the powerful gun lobbying group is planning on blocking any such effort. >> you don't want to put your house on the outcome. i would say the likelihoods they will not be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> the nra met with the vice presidents last week. they will lobby members of congress to prevent a ban on assault weapons. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell. one month after the newtown connecticut school shooting people there are talking about what should be done with the sandy hook elementary school. yesterday at a meeting there
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were deifiering opinions on whether students or staff should ever go back to that building where a gunman killed 20 first graders and six teachers. some say the school should be torn down replaced with a memorial to honor those that were killed december 14th. >> knock that school down and make it sacred ground. memorial to all the people that were destroyed that day. >> knocking down the school would be knocking down the memories of all the children that went there. >> this coming friday another meeting is scheduled about the future of the school. newtown city officials hope to make a decision by this spring. back here at home the san francisco unified school district is planning campus drills so students and staff can prepare for a potential shooting. examiner reports it's a reaction to what happened in connecticut. also in a few months digital floor plans of all san francisco public schools will be sent to the police department. police will under go training after new guidelines are set up. no date yet has been set for those campus drills. police have firsted three
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suspects in connection with a hostage situation in southern california. they allegedly held 14 people hostage inside a nordstrom rack store. it comes after the suspects fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of money. the suspects allegedly sexually assaulted one victim, stabbed another in the neck and pistol whipped a third. santa cruz police are searching for a man that groped a 12-year-old girl. there is a police sketch. the girl was groped friday as she walked home from school on walnut avenue. police tribe the suspect as latino in his 20s about six feet tall weighing more than 250 pounds and had wire rim glasses. lance armstrong has a big interview with oprah today. if he comes clean about this armstrong could face legal
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repercussions. a confession could give him a shot at resuming his competitive racing career down the line. interview is scheduled to be broadcast on thursday. san francisco has come down with a case of 49ers fever. coming up at 6:23 the gear fans are stocking up on and a touchdown celebration that is taking over social media. the baby and the dog that is funny. >> what is that? sal can do that. he knows more about our commute. >> tickets to the gun show. [ laughter ] >> at first it looked like they were smelling their armpits. >> no no. good morning, everybody. we will refrain from doing any of that and get right to the traffic and show you that traffic is getting slower around the bay. this is a look at 80 westbound certainly more cars that we saw last time. as you come up to the bay
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bridge toll plaza. there is a backup now. the metering lights have been switched on. there is a 10-15 minute delay if you make it on to the bridge itself. nothing out of the ordinary. we haven't had any crashes on the bridge. also black ice we keep mentioning it. we'll ask steve. i have a little theory sometimes it gets coldest right before the sun comes up. we have to ask the scientists the meteorologists about that. let's bring in steve. >> a lot depends on the breeds today, sal. there is some areas not far away there is a ten degree difference. that breeze makes a big difference. our observer has 30 degrees. some really cold readings for some. it's colder here than parts of alaska. that is the sign of ridge of
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high pressure that is building in. let's keep that in perspective. fairbanks at 27. 30s on the temps. breeze is helping a few. there are 20s around. we've seen 29 palo alto. 30s. half-moon bay is 34 degrees. if it wasn't for any kind of as a breeze the temperatures will be colder. identify seen up to 35, 37 toward yountville. there is more of a breeze. other locations are colder. it will be sunny today. it will be a little bit warmer. especially those that get the benefit of the east breeze. that is coming off the higher elevations. north wind will help santa rosa. but a lot of upper 40s, low 50s to a few mid 50s. even by santa cruz we've seen upper 20s and low 30s. it's cold. it will be colder tomorrow. i think we'll lose that breeze. lots of sunshine and warmer temps. we'll get into the 60nd here. expect for fog showing up things look quiet. >> thank you. united airlines is about to
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be hit with a lawsuit in chicago today. the regional transportation authority charges united fuels a subsidiary of the airlines with operating a sham business in suburban chicago. the lawsuit claims united does not pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales tax by claiming to buy fuel from the suburban office. the office is only one part time employee. not even a single computer. united says the operation is legal. drivers are paying a little more for gas again if you didn't noticed. aaa reports the biggest jump in the bay area is san jose. where the price of regular is $3.59. that is up a little more than a nickel since last month. the smallest increase is in san francisco where it has gone up just a penny in the last four weeks. drivers paying $3.68 there. what we now know about california's babies. what is changing here that has some concerns this morning. jack!
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welcome back. fewer children are born in california between the year 2000 and 2010. california had the third biggest decline in the number of children under the age of ten. additional decline of 2% is
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expected over the next ten years. all of this is according to a new report by the lucile packard foundation. california's birthrate has slipped just under the replacement level. that trend is a concern for california's economy. as the retirement population grows and fewer workers to replace them. the 49ers san francisco now know they will face the falcons for the right to go to the super bowl. the falcons got to the championship game by beating the sea hawks on a late field goal. now the falcons are the number one seed so the 49ers have to travel to atlanta before sunday's game. sports stores in san francisco were busy over the weekend with fans snapping up any 49ers gear they could get especially collin kaepernick jerseys. >> i'm excited. kaepernick is doing their thing. the whole organization is doing their thing. >> collin kaepernick touchdown
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celebration also sparked a new trend called kaepernicking. he flexes his arms and kisses his bicep. he has retweeted several pictures. you can see of fans giving their take on the celebration. now the 49ers and falcons will play sunday right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins right after mornings on 2 with nfl championship chase at 10:00 a.m.. kick off is just after noon. you can also find more on the 49ers super bowl quest on the nfl playoff tab of coming up on 6:26. the afc championship game is also sunday. it will be a rematch of last years afc championship. the patriots will host the ravens after beating them last year to move on to the super bowl. patriots beat thtexans yesterday. tom brady won his 1st post -- 17th post season game which makes him the quarterback with the most playoff wins.
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he broke joe montana's record. incredible. let's check in with sal see what is happening on the roads. >> we are doing okay. we are starting off pretty well on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. there haven't been any major problems here. it's getting a lot more crowded. we have been looking at the peninsula. there has been reports of black ice on highway 92. leads me to believe it could be in other places as well. use caution as you drive in this this area. no proroems on 280 or 101. let's go to steve. thank you. cold again this morning. not as code. there is 20s around. a lot of 30s. a little bit of breeze helping some. it will still be a cold morning. temperatures from 20s and 30s to a few 40s. it looks like we have cooled off in the last couple of hours as the wind holding a few temps up. there is still 20s and 30s. 31 napa. that is at the airport. high pressure is building in. there is so much cold air in
6:29 am
place. it will be sunny today. that is the good news. we are inching up on the temps this week. in fact, we will see 40s and 50s today. we come back in ten minutes we'll have our seven-day looking ahead to the weekend for the upcoming weekend and it looks warmer. >> we'll take it. time now 6:27. it's official. hollywood award season gets under way. coming up a live report from los angeles. who took home the top honors at last nights golden globes. a bloody past three days in oakland. 15 people shot. four of them dead. we'll tell you what one city leader says has to happen. we're about to check the opening bell on wall street.
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there it is on time. the opening bell live in new york. that is a canadian online trading company on the nasdaq. bank of new jersey on the new
6:32 am
york stock exchange. there are a lot of bank earnings this week. could be a lot of trading this week. banks report a lot -- some report after the close. also after the close fed chief ben bernanke has a monetary policy speech. that certainly those things combined could effect the markets this week. >> really big stuff. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news it's monday, january 14th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. >> in the news this morning one oakland city leader calling for a state of emergency in oakland after another violent weekend on the streets. four people were killed. 11 others were wounded just since friday. ktvu tara moriarty is in oakland right now. she tells us the latest shooting that happened last night. >> reporter: out of control that is what oakland's vice mayor is saying about the rash of violence this weekend. larry reid says the city needs to call for a state of emergency he believes the move
6:33 am
would free up mutual aid funds from the state. the spike in violence did lead to a conference call between oakland police chief and the mayors and several staff members. the most recent shooting happened at a birthday party last night. people scattered and ran to neighbors houses after someone entered the party and started shooting. >> for all we can see now they were celebrating a birthday party. and unknown person started shooting a gun and five people ended up getting shot. >> reporter: all victims are expected to survive. police dent know if last night's shooting as well as others on saturday and sunday that left a total of 11 people wound red connected to friday's mayhem. friday saw a bloody six hour stretch that left four people dead. the victims changed in age from 17 to 30. just hours before the killings started, oakland police executed half a dozen high risk search warrants. the operation was called cease fire and designed to take guns out of the hands of gang
6:34 am
members. we are going to check in with police this morning and let you know if they believe the raids were connected to any of the homicides. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:32. tomorrow in marin county you can trade in old guns in exchange for cash. county is providing $40,000 for a four-county gun buy back event. they will pay $200 for semi automatic weapons, $100 for other guns. the guns can be taken to police stations in novato, san rafael, larkspur, and point reyes from 11:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. over the weekend thousands of people waited in long lines like that one there to go to a gun show at the cal palace in daly city. coming up why officials say they expect to break attendance records. also how the president of the united states may have something to do with it. six people in san jose are
6:35 am
homeless this morning after a fire in the eastern foothill. that fire was reported just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon at a home on higuera road. the home was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived. people that live in the house say they did have a fire in the fireplace. investigators believe the fire likely started on the roof. it was a busy weekend at bay area hospitals with people reporting flu like symptoms and it is expected to get worse. ktvu janine de la vega is in santa clara this morning with more on why it could be hard to protect yourself this year. janine. >> reporter: pam, some pharmacies have run out of the vaccine. health experts say flu outbreak is coming to california and we saw ed of that because over the weekend here at the kizer in santa clara their emergency room was very busy. they were treating people for the flu and respiratory virus. now over the weekend masks were given to people inside the
6:36 am
emergency room today to keep the sickness from spreading. the peak of the flu season is expected to arrive in california in the coming weeks. much of the rest of the country has been hit hard. the latest stage to declare a public health emergency is new york which reported at least a dozen flu deaths. valley medical center is not reporting an uptake of cases yet. so far the santa clara county department of public health reported one severe case of the flu requiring hospitalization. but doctors are urging people not to be complacent. we spoke to one woman who got her vaccine scene says she is glad she did. >> i've been worried about it. but usually i don't come down with the flu. >> reporter: health experts more people to come down with fever, aches, and sore throats and the cough in the next month. put in a call to walgreens 24 hour pharmacy and three of their locations are completely out of the flu vaccine. if you do want to get protected you might have to make several
6:37 am
phone calls. we did call a rite aid that is not open 24 hours but on the recording they did mention they have the flu vaccine available. reporting live janine de la vega. time now 6:35. movie and tv stars were honored in los angeles at last nights golden globe awards. reporter jd carr gill is live in los angeles to tell us about the ceremony and winners. >> reporter: that is right. good morning. you know there was no stone left unturned last night at the golden globe awards. there was the red carpet, the glits, glamour. even an american president on hand at the 70th annual golden globes. a night of stars, surprises, and so what to oscar. argo won the top award for film best drama and ben affleck scored best director. >> i don't care what the award is when i they put your name
6:38 am
next to the names she just read off it's an extraordinary thing. >> reporter: les miserable is best picture. >> thank you for this lovely blunt object that i will forever more use as a weapon against self-doubt. >> reporter: zero dark 30 jessica won for best dramatic actress. it was a two-fold surprise for epic lincoln failing to win out of seven categories nominated. >> the 42nd president of the united states bill clinton. >> reporter: the second surprise a film clip introduction by bill clinton. >> wow. what an exciting special guest. that was hillary clinton's husband. >> reporter: amy and tina hosted the apair and were also nominees but in the end lena won for best actress in a
6:39 am
comedy for girls. >> everyone is getting a little loose now that we're all losers. >> congratulations lena. >> reporter: girls also won best television comedy and for the second year in a row homeland prevailed in the drama category scoring best drama and best actor and actress. jody foster received the best cecil b award. and the next big award show is the screen actors guild awards which take places on the 27th of january. and down the road the oscars on february 24th. dave. >> thank you. we have a complete list of golden globe winners and all the pictures from the red carpet on our channel 2 website go to and click on the golden globes tab. 6:38 is the time. back over to sal to check in on traffic. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good so far. things are a getting a little more crowded. we are starting with the toll
6:40 am
plaza because i want to let you know it is crowded all the way out to beyond the 880 overcrossing. it's about a 20 minute delay. nothing out of the ordinary. we haven't had any problems reported by chp. also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge heading out to the high-rise and over to 101. when you get over to 101 the traffic does look good on burling -- look good on burlingame and san mateo. and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway southbound to fremont still a good opportunity for you. we want to look at the south bay. no major problems reported here on 101. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. clear skies out there. it will be sunny today. it's another cold one out there. 20s and 30s. a little bit of a breeze
6:41 am
helding temps up. freeze warning for some of the interior valleys down to santa cruz and monterey. but overnight lows are about five degrees i know five to seven degrees warmer than we had 24 hours ago. you can see everything coming right down out of the north. ridge of high pressure building up into alaska where temperature there is are down right balmy. 24 in anchorage. 27 in fairbanks. this looks like a very quiet week weather wise expect for the cold. you get 30s. 34 half-moon bay. 31 pescadero. i did see 27 or 37 in walnut creek. any breeze and it's up. lose that breeze and you get 20s. 28 in lafayette. i saw that as well. 29 menlo park. there is very cool readings here. it will be here probably through midweek and modify it a little bit. some areas of frost and ice
6:42 am
watch out for that. sunny breezy today. there is high elevations. anywhere from upper 40s to low to mid 50s. and 55 a little offshore breeze coming off the oakland and berkeley hills. sunny and mild weather. i think you will notice it more on wednesday and thursday and friday. the air mass is really dry. some fog will eventually form. other than that it looks very quiet. despite california's bitter cold weather the citrus crops are doing well. they were able to prevent damage to orange and lemon groves over the chilly weekend. but mandrin oranges which are more vulnerable to the cold may have sustained some damage. stay with us here at ktvu news throughout the morning for more on the cold weather and also you can follow steve and the rest of our meteorologists online. they do post forecast updates on twitter an facebook. time now 6:41. what pg&e says about the pipeline inspections. how the statements have changed since the san bruno disaster
6:43 am
2.5 years ago. and as you head out to work this morning you may notice that bart ridership has increased throughout the years. good morning. westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland still a nice looking drive. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather. w
6:44 am
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well 20s and 30s. temperatures not as cold. they are still cold. but not as cold as sunday morning. it will be sunny. temperatures creeping up a little bit. welcome back. good morning, to you. one oakland city leader wants a state of emergency declared after another violent weekend in the city. four people were killed. 11 others were wounded just since friday. the most recent shootings happened last night at a birthday party on seminary avenue. later this morning vice president joe biden sits down with members of congress getting their input on new policies for curbing gun violence. he will give his recommendations to president obama tomorrow. overnight fire inside a berkeley apartment injured a man. firefighters say he was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. the apartment was badly damaged. investigators so far don't
6:47 am
think the fire was suspicious. bart is experiencing a surge in riders thanks in part to recovering economy. brian flores is in san francisco to talk about what the agency is doing to keep up with the growing ridership. brian. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people heading out to work this morning. a lot of people obviously riding bart as well. behind me is the embarcadero bart station. this is considered one of the busiest stations in the city. now officials are trying to find a way to improve ridership. as people know it's getting crowded. according to the chronicle one of the things they are looking at include expanding the platforms at the embarcadero and montgomery stations. these are considered the busiest stations. officials are also considering adding more train cars, building more saddle bag platforms that sit on the opposite end of the tracks or running more direct service routes. officials with bart have already ordered more train cars
6:48 am
but not expected to arrive until 2017. if you order more cars, those cars won't be here until 2023. bart riders ship is about 290,000 riders every day during the workweek which is a 6% increase since last year. it's only expected to increase from here on out. but obviously the big concern is cost and with all the improvements that bart officials are talking about, it's expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars and the state is expected to pick up some of that tab. of course other things being considered are tax measures and higher fares. coming up we'll talk to some of the riders and see what they think needs to be done to improve ridership here on bart. live here in san francisco i'm brian flores. pg&e is defending its pipeline testing that occurred before the 2010 disaster in san bruno. pg&e lawyers assert the program measured up to gas industry standards. the claim is reportedly part of pg&e's effort to minimize the
6:49 am
expected huge fines for the explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. now earlier company executives admitted that there were problems with pg&e pipeline testing and maintenance prior to the disaster in san bruno. time now 6:47. big crowds turned out for a daly city gun show and fears about new gun control laws may have inspired them. on saturday and sunday the lines wrapped around outside the cal palace. ammunition was a popular item at this gun event. it comes after they proposed a bullet control bill. tomorrow the vice president will make gun control recommendations following the deadly newtown school shooting. >> i think people are worried their rights will be taken away. the only ones that will have guns are those that are getting them illegally. >> they will offer recommendations like requiring universal background checks even on private gun sales.
6:50 am
tomorrow the house of representatives will vote on part two for age package for super storm sandy. house speaker john boehner approved that bill. democratic and republican members of congress from new york and new jersey said victims of sandy got tired of waiting for help. the legislation provides $50 billion in aid. back on january 4th congress passed a $9.7 billion measure to help pay flood insurance claims. the presidential inauguration day is one week from today. organizers held this dress rehearsal getting ready for it all. this was the scene on the streets of washington, d.c. yesterday. there was a rehearsal parade and a mock swearing in ceremony. tori campbell and ken will be there reporting live from the
6:51 am
inauguration. beginning next sunday morning. and continuing with live reports during the event and rob monday the -- and on monday the 21st and tuesday the 22nd. we don't want traffic to be really exciting. it's good to be boring. >> we want it to be nice and boring. we are starting in the east bay and looking at the commute on interstate 880. it's nice and uneventful here if you are driving on 880 northbound. you can see the traffic moving up toward downtown oakland looks good. also the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is filled in. metering lights went on a half hour ago. right now it's only backed up for a 20 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. san jose and the south bay are still doing very well on 101 and 280 here and 85 as you drive into the valley. let's two to steve. thank you. temperatures continues to dip off a little bit now. not as cold as sunday morning. just heard from john in sebastopol 24 there. 37 in san francisco our
6:52 am
observer mike and i did see a 34 in cole valley. upper 20s palo alto and menlo park. a lot of cold air in place here. there is enough of a breeze. look at the temps up into alaska. very mild for them. this ridge of high pressure settling over us as well. we will start to see warmer temps here. the lows will stay on the cold side. 30s and 40s. oakland i've seen 38. it just depends. if you get enough of a breeze to stir things up. there is plenty of 30s. yesterday i had a lot more 20s. i think that will back tomorrow. it will be sunny today. it will be warmer. but cold air and very tough to budge that. you really need a pattern change to get it. i don't see that for awhile. it looks extremely quiet this week. cold lows areas of frost probably freeze warning back for tomorrow morning but we'll lose that breeze. each day the highs will come up a little bit here. upper 40s, low 50s inland areas. closer to the bay or if you get a north wind temperatures will
6:53 am
hit 50s. san jose 53. there is a south wind in san jose that is holding things up. south at six. if it wasn't for the breeze they would be closer to 30. milder weather. milder coming in and a little warmer wednesday and thursday very quiet weather wise expect for fog in the valley which will take a long time to get going. it does not look like any rain until the end of the month. >> thank you. analysts will pay attention to the speech at the university of michigan today. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will speak just as u.s. markets are closing. it will give bernanke a chance or disassociate himself with the feds open ended policy. he also promised to take questions after he speaks. so the topic could come up then as well. checking in on our numbers. i want to take you live to the big board. dow jones down 14 points as you can see. and right now the nasdaq and s & p down a little bit. we do have a lot of earnings coming in this week as well.
6:54 am
sales of samsung galaxy s sport phones have set a record pace. they sold 100 million in the galaxy s series. as a side note there is a report that apple has cut its orders for the lcd panels for the iphone five due to slower than expected global sales as usual apple not commenting. time now 6:52. a big announcement about the royal baby. when kate middleton's baby is due and how she is dealing with morning sickness. a convenient store controversy in san mateo. the city council could make a decision tonight about a 7- eleven that has drawn protests from neighbors. six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me.
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time now 6:55. later today two men due in court to enter pleas in connections with the deaths of two teenage girls in oakland. de on they powell the accused gunman is charged with two counts of murder. 20-year-old antonio edwards is charged as an accessory for driving powell from the crime scene. investigators say powell shot and killed 15-year-old rakel and 16-year-old bobby in oakland in late november. a special hearing tonight by the san mateo city council it's about a controversial 7- eleven store. protests began outside the
6:58 am
store when it opened last month. neighbors say the property lost its commercial zoning use when that building was empty for more than six months. they say it should once again be considered residential property. some of the neighbors say that city planners that approve the store moving in are either incompetent or corrupt. they are back in action. the san jose sharks are practicing for a new nhl season. hundreds of fans cheered as the team began training camp at their practice rink yesterday. the team is gearing up for a shortened 48 game season. the sharks first game is on sunday january 20th. they will play the calgary flames in calgary. the first home game will be on thursday, january 24th. they will host the phoenix coyotes. tickets go on sale this wednesday at 10:00 a.m.. we are learning more about when the royal couple is expecting their first baddie. just a short time ago the royal palace announced the due date
6:59 am
is expected sometime in july. we're also learning that duchess kate's condition is improving after she was hospitalized last month for acute morning sickness. let's quickly check in with sal. what is happen something >> it will be crowded now. at least 20 minutes before you make it on to the breeze as we show you live look. it's not all that bad. it seems to be getting into the city it's not a big chore once you get on to the bridge it looks good. if you are driving in san jose northbound 101 and 280 are off to a good start. another cold one out there. still 20s showing up. just saw 26 in the lema valley. santa rosa 29. there is a lot of upper 20s and a little bit of a breeze. san jose 35. napa airport just went to 27. you can see the update there. it will be a sunny today. coming up next four people killed. 11 others wounded in oakland over the weekend. one city leader is now calling for


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